This year, from March 4th to March 7th, was held the 25th Business Forum in Kopaonik. This year, more than 1,000 participants took part in the Forum and their work was followed by 120 accredited journalists.

The theme of the forum where Jugotex took part was Gazelle – fast-growing companies – hidden jewels. The panel was led by Zoran Stanojevic (RTS), while the panelists were: Katarina Jovanovic Obradovic (Ministry of Economy and Regional Development), Dusan Petrovic (Termoinvest komerc), Sasa Popovic (Vega IT Sourcing), Ana Trbovic (professor FEFA), Dejan Ristic (Jugotex).

Successful companies in Serbia for faster and higher growth in the future need greater investment in education – to create programs that will develop the personnel that can immediately get used – pointed out at the Gazela panel – fast growing companies.

“Successful firms have favorable funding conditions, but this was not the case at the beginning, and today’s “gazelles” has developed more slowly, as they relied only on their own funding. They need higher investment in education for higher growth, to develop practical training programs for staff that can immediately employ, and not further invest in the development of staff, “said Ana Trović, a professor at the FEFA faculty.

Trbović explained that there is an excellent program of the Innovation Fund of Serbia in the vicinity of which company together with the research centers of universities in Serbia and invest in the development of certain products and services.

You can see the details of the forum on the following link:  KBF 2018.